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sitting at a one

you have to fix the diamond glitch i can’t upgrade anything and it’s not good, and the adds are annoying so be ready to pull out the credit card

Too many ads

Pretty addicting game, but the amount of ads is ridiculous, and you can never get to it.


Why doesn’t the store work? You obviously want money so why doesn’t it work? I can’t spend my gems.

Evry lvl has 2 ads

I fardded and shidded

Ads every ten seconds. No exaggeration!!

Seriously you have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. This game has an amazing concept, but it's completely destroyed by the fact that you are literally forced to watch an ad roughly every ten seconds. Unbelievable. I would play the crap out of this, but there's no point because it's like 40% ads. Complete disappointment, and a waste of memory. Definitely uninstalling.


I played for two days to get a permanent multiplayer and it won’t even let me click it to upgrade I am very disappointed.


i like it thars alot of well you need alot of speed to TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP AND TAP so ya

It’s a good game

It’s a good game but sometimes it’s super slow and annoying and laggy but it’s so fun I would set myself on fire if you canceled it 😄👏👏😄😎🤪🤓😝😛😜🤩🤯😳😱⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️

Too many ads

You know, I get that that’s its a free game and there will be ads. But every 10 seconds of game time. I have to to watch an ad. That’s ridiculous. I won’t be playing until that’s fixed


so good


At first, this app seemed great. I liked the design and the satisfying breaking of blocks. Later on, though, when I had saved up for enough diamonds, I tried to buy a 4 hour time warp with 10 diamonds. It wouldn’t let me click on the button, even though it was lit up and I had enough. It wasn’t an IRL purchase, so I decided to see if turning on airplane mode would help (also to turn off ads). This crashed my game. So I tried to restart it. No other games that have in app purchases crash the game like that. Even if I try to do something online in the game, it just says I can’t play it. It doesn’t crash the whole thing! I couldn’t even play the game because it crashed the moment I opened the app after I tried to get the warp. Oh, and don’t get me started on the ads. Every time I break a block it seems like 7 ads pop up. You need to fix this or else you’ll be losing more people than gaining. I turned off airplane mode once, and I STILL HAD ADS.


I hate this game it haves TOO MANY ADS

I can’t play

I just started playing this game, it was going good and all you know just playing and doing what the game should do, but then it kept on going home again and again and again after I try to go on the app. I really liked the game but I can’t play it anymore, I would love for there to be an update for this to be fixed, I’m not sure if I’m the only person experiencing this problem but I’d love for it to be fixed, thank you for your time!

Can’t use diamonds

I tried to buy the multiplier and the 4 hour warp and it won’t let me

So many ads

I don’t know how this game could possibly have 4.5 stars. I’ve only just downloaded it and I feel like I haven’t even gotten to play past level 1 because there are so many.

An ok game

An obvious bummer is the ads. Ohhhh the ads. Even though they’re bad, that’s not what I’m talking about. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t by ANYTHING with the diamonds. It shows that I can buy stuff, but it won’t let me tap anything in the store. It’s so annoying! I should have been able to buy SO much stuff with diamonds now! It’s just not working! I haven’t read through many comments, so I haven’t been able to see if this is a common problem, but if it is, you guys - the devs - should fix this as soon as possible. This and the ads makes it such a nuisance to play it should be worked on until you’ve fixed your app. Plz fix this, Cal

Can’t bye and/or use diamonds

I got sick of ads and tried to pay $2.99 to get rid of them but the store won’t work and then I tried to use the 10 diamonds I had found but the app wasn’t accepting them so I re-downloaded the app thinking it would fix it but didn’t do anything other than take 10 levels away and make me level 1 again

Doesn’t work sometimes

It won’t let me buy multipliers or any diamond items plz fix

Please help!

Love this game, spent the $3 to escape the ads, and I saved up 20 gems to buy the 2x multiplier. Now I’m up to 27 and it still won’t let me buy the multiplier. I wish I could keep playing but without that it takes so long to get enough to keep upgrading. Would love some feedback!

Good but

It could have some sounds and to many adds


I'll preface this by saying I've paid the $3 to get rid of ads, but I'm still taking a star off because the game was practically unplayable until I paid. Secondly, WHY don't any of the store buttons work? I had to go through the app store to pay for the ad removal, and I have enough diamonds to buy a 2x multiplier just from playing and every time I press the purchase button, nothing happens, I literally can't press the button to use my diamonds, nothing happens, the button doesn't even move, I've tried being careful not to swipe left or right, I've tried 3D touch, just about everything. Other than those two gripes, this is pretty entertaining, it's a fun idea and the idle mechanics are Implemented well, I think it's worth it to remove ads, but that's me, if you're a little more frugal, then skip this one.

Great game, but way too many adds

Every time I open the chest, there is an add. The game itself is amazing, but there are just way too many advertisements.

Needs bug fixes

Fun game, but can’t use the gems for some reason.

No adds trick

Turn cellular data off and make sure you have no internet connection


I literally saw this game while I was playing another game of yours and was like this is really stupid. Then I decided to download it cuz I couldn’t seem to review it outside of that. I actually played it. Still stupid. I love Voodoo but this is the worst game they have. I was bored the entire time playing it and I only downloaded it so I could review it.

Way too many ads

More ads than play time



Broken purchases

For one, there needs to be a set back on the ads and if I select not to watch an ad to double the score, then I shouldn’t get an ad for refusing. The second thing, the game has broken to where it offers me to buy a 2x permanent multiplier, however, it never makes the purchase. It just says 20 diamonds. I enjoy the nothingness of the game, but at least make it work

Life is an ad

Every three cubes you break you have to watch an ad Also every time you level up you have to watch an ad Voodo is my favorite gaming company but I’ve never seen so many ads so unless your willing to pay three bucks don’t get this game but I rated it three stars because I removed the ads and it’s fun without Them🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Less glitchy

Make the game less glitchy

Don't Download Unless You Buy Premium ($3)

Not only do you have to sit through a ridiculous amount of ads, but when you finally save up enough gems or money, the game won't even let you purchase upgrades. The hours you just spent watching the same three, stupid ads will be all for nothing.


Calm me down and I feel like my Poppa because he use glass

Poor game

Button to buy multiplier does not work. And there are a ridiculous amount of ads. Do not waste time or money with this app, because you will get bored with it in about a day.

Mouth open for 205 hours

I am enjoying the app already and I’ve been playing it for just a minute.

Best game

This game is so addictive I’ve seen other games but this ones the best

No adds

I want to disable ads but every time i try to it doesn’t work no matter how many times i hit the button

By oscar

this game is the best and thank you for putting

Voodoo fangirl

This game is amazing “Voodoo” I love he games

Ads ads everywhere

There seems to be no form of intelligent life anywhere in this game of ads


Every 5 seconds, there is an add! It is so stupid I spend more time watching adds then even playing the game.

Bug with gems

Can’t get things with gems and I want to

horrible game

Don’t waste your time. There are ads literally every 10 seconds. Not worth the download

Diamonds do nothing

The option to purchase things using the diamonds does not work. All the days saving gems, wasted.


It’s a great super addicting game but y’all have so many adds make like a lot less adds and I’ll give it a shoutout and you’ll be popular

Crashes Way Too Much For Me

So Every Other Time I Try To Open The Game It Crashed And Will Stay On The VooDoo Screen Then Crash And It Happens Many Times And It's Getting Annoying Plus When I Try To Receive The Points Or Currency You Receive When You Leave It Crashes And It Gets More Annoying And Then I Can't Even Leave The App Open To Do Something Else Or Text Someone Else While Using The App Because... Guess What? It Crashes!😡

Good game but...

To many adds

The cube is good but...


Game is bad

Ads up the butt

The gems don’t work

I bought the gems to increase my multiplier and they don’t work. I spammed the buy button and nothing. Force closed the app and tried again still nothing. Until this is fixed and I can actually use the money I spent I’m giving one star.

Doesn’t work

There are way too many ads and the game has a glitch where you can’t even spend your diamonds. I can’t advance much in the game because I have so many diamonds saved but the game won’t let me spend them.

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